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Echoes from Agartha to Become Carbon Neutral by 2026 via New Partnership with erguvan

Authors: Dr. Eyuphan Koc ¹, Yalim Acar ², Yagiz Acar ²

As we share the wonderful planet that we live on, we also need to share the responsibility to preserve its wonderfulness for the generations to come. As the Echoes from Agartha team, we have been aware of the need to minimize our ecological footprint. However, in an era that requires all of us to take urgent climate action [1], this awareness that we informally included in our work so far is not enough. To take the much needed step further, we are announcing our new partnership with erguvan, initiating our efforts together to achieve carbon neutrality for Echoes From Agartha by 2026, a commitment that is ambitiously aligned with the objectives of the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

We kick-off our sustainability initiative this year by offering all Echoes from Agartha attendants the option to offset GHG emissions [2] arising from their air travel to the festival. We are targeting air travel emissions first because those amount to approximately 80% of all GHG emissions from festivals [3]. erguvan and Echoes from Agartha will match every metric ton of carbon offsetting done by our attendants so the impact of your contribution to a sustainable future will be doubled.

Please visit erguvan.co/echoes to calculate your air travel emissions, offset them, and fly to Echoes from Agartha in a carbon neutral way. We deploy the widely accepted myClimate.org methodology to calculate air travel emissions [4]. Please see the document here laying out the methodological detail behind the calculations that are also used by airlines companies such as Lufthansa.

Starting this year, we are also partnering with SuCo (suco.uk/), a sustainable foldable and reusable water bottle company to tackle plastic waste. SuCo’s reusable bottles will be given to Agartha Experience and Music + Hotel pass holders. Please visit mataramasu.co to learn more about SuCo’s mission.

Moving forward, we will keep announcing the developments in our sustainability journey and aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2026, ideally much earlier. We highly value innovative ideas and feedback to strengthen this effort, so please feel free to reach out if you have the itch to contribute to sustainable Echoes from Agartha.

Keep it fun, keep it green,

Echoes from Agartha x Erguvan


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¹ Cofounder, Principal Researcher at Erguvan | Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Bogazici University.
² Cofounder at Gate Experience.

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